The Lagos State Sports Commission has commenced the training of 600  school sports masters PE teachers across Lagos as a first step in the deployment of the Lagos State School Sports Intervention Programme(LASSIP).

Speaking on the commencement of the programme, Executive Chairman, Lagos State Sports Commission Sola Aiyepeku said that the programme will be deployed as a pilot scheme in partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Education as part of Governor Sanwo-Olu’s unprecedented investments in young Lagosians to provide them with more options and opportunities for the future.” We conceived LASSIP because we had noticed the lacuna in school sports in Lagos as we wanted to fully reintegrate sports back into schools in Lagos. Governor Sanwo-Olu is the biggest supporter of LASSIP. As you know, he is at the forefront of any platform that develops young Lagosians and he has fully bought into this and has provided all the resources necessary to make this intervention successful. We are very delighted that the Ministry of Education have been extremely great partners on this and we all excited for the opportunities LASSIP will unleash for young Lagosians and the state in general.”


Speaking on the capacity development programme, Aiyepeku said the  state wide training programme is first of its kind in Nigeria and is fundamental to achieve the full potential of LASSIP . “We have designed a training module which will be field and classroom based and games masters are the resources we need to deploy these training in schools. Because the modules are based on the latest advances in school sports, it is imperative that we train game masters so that they can effectively deploy this training to students in schools. This is why our partnership with the Ministry of Education is very important. Our Directorate of School sports works directly with the ministry and so far, we are extremely excited to have the ministry on board as partners. They completely understand the potential impact of this programme and are doing all they can as valuable partners. “

Overview and objective:

Lagos State Sports Commission in partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Education will deploy LASSIP (Lagos State School Sports Interrogation Programme) as a wide reaching intervention programme to reintegrate sports back to the Lagos State school curriculum as part of a broad vision to leverage sports to promote physical fitness and wellness, offer alternative career paths to young people and create a sustainable pipeline of talent discovery and development. The programme will encompass state-wide training and capacity development of games masters and PE teachers, classroom and field based modules for students, school year end competitions and an elite talent development programme. A key component of LASSIP will be the emphasis and focus on the introduction and stimulation of interest in allied and ancillary careers in sports among the student population. The overall objective of LASSIP is to radically transform how sports training are delivered to millions of students in Lagos to improve the outcomes in terms of vastly increased interest, participation, adoption and proficiency in sports by school students in Lagos.

LASSIP: A step by step plan:

  • Develop capacity by embarking on a statewide training and capacity development of games masters/mistresses and PE teachers.
  • Develop and implement class and field based sports curriculum for schools.
  • Hold periodic LASSIP advanced sports development programmes in each of the 6 educational districts in Lagos.
  • Hold term or year-end invitational competitions for impact assessment and identify areas of improvements of the programme.
  • Hold periodic elite student athlete development programmes for students who have been identified to have potential to build professional careers in various sports.

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