Sports Medicine


Sports Medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with physical fitness, treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.  It is the application of scientific knowledge gained from medical and allied research to sports, exercises, training, preparation (by athletes) for and participation in competitions.  This knowledge is also used in catering for the total welfare of sportsmen and women in order to enhance their performance levels.

Specifically, the functions of the Sports Medicine Team include:

  1. Care and prevention of athletic injury / illness.
  2. Conduct of pre-participation screening, examination and evaluation.
  3. Immediate on-field emergency injury assessment and management.
  4. Thorough assessment and appropriate management of sport-related emergencies such as, but not limited to: concussions, muscle cramps, sprains, heat-related emergencies, and sudden cardiac arrest.
  5. Clinical assessment of injury.
  6. Evaluation and management of patient’s co-morbidities.
  7. Assessment of environmental concerns and playing conditions.
  8. Referral of patients for appropriate treatment in other centers including medical evacuation, where necessary.
  9. Making appropriate and unbiased sideline decisions including long-term rehabilitation regarding athletes returning to full participation after an injury / illness.
  10. Provision of appropriate education and counselling regarding nutrition, strength and conditioning, ergogenic aids, substance abuse and other medical / health problems that could affect the athlete.
  11. Design and implementation of contemporary rehab protocols.
  12. Sport equipment fitting, maintenance, and emergency removal.
  13. Applying protective / supportive techniques that allow the athlete to regain physically active lifestyle.
  14. Inventory and purchasing of supplies.
  15. Completing medical / accidental record form.
  16. Liaison between the team coach, parent, and athlete.
  17. Scientific determination of age in sport.

18. Advise on nutrition of athletes, their training modes, proper equipment and general hygiene.

                                                              HEAD OF DIRECTORATE

Name: Dr Kayode Michael

Qualifications:  MB:BS (IB)   FMCS(Ortho)  FMCORTHO, Clinical Fellow in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy.

Schools Attended: Holy Cross Cathedral Primary School, Lagos Island; Jehovah Jireh African Church School, Idi-Oro; Government College, Ojo; King’s College, Lagos; University of Ibadan; National Post Graduate Medical College of Nigeria.

Courses Attended:  several, both within and outside Nigeria.

Marital Status: married.

Job Experience: Mainland Hospital, Yaba; General Hospital, Badagry; Massey Street Children’s Hospital, Lagos Island; General Hospital, Ikeja; Orile Agege Health Centre, Oke-Odo; Lagos State Emergency Medical Service (LASEMS); Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja; Lagos State Sports Council;  Lagos State Sports Commission.

former Associate Lecturer in Orthopaedics, College of Medicine, LASU.

Scientific Publications: over ten.

HIGHLIGHT OF CAREER: Pioneer of Ilizarov Surgery in the State Public Health Sector;

Pioneer member of staff, LASEMS;

Pioneer Medical Director, Lagos State Sports Medicine Unit;

Pioneer Director of Sports Medicine, LSSC

Chief Medical Officer, Lagos State Contingent , 2018 National Youth Games, Ilorin;

Chief Medical Officer, Lagos State Contingent, 2018 National Sports Festival, Abuja;

Medical Team member, Access Bank Lagos City Marathon, from inception till date;

Member, Lagos state Free Limb Deformity Surgery programme 2006 till date;

Treasurer, Faculty of Orthopaedics, National Post Graduate Medical College of Nigeria 2013-2016;

Secretary, Faculty of Orthopaedics, NPMCN 2017 till date;

Examiner in Parts I & II Fellowship Examinations, Faculty of Orthopaedics, NPMCN 2011 till date.