The School Sports Directorate is located at the Rowe Park Sports Centre Yaba.

School Sports Directorate is saddled with the responsibility of planning, execution and implementation of school based Sports Programmes, events and activities.

The Directorate also interfaces with the Lagos State Ministry of Education, SUBEB, National School Sports Federations, MDAs, sponsors and stakeholders concerned with School Sports programmes, events and activities.

To provide students athletes in schools with the opportunity to develop their sports abilities to full potential while safeguarding their physical welfare in an environment that promotes both high academic standard and the development of leadership capabilities.

To enrich the Lagos State Educational system such that sports becomes a fun and integral part of students’  and grooms talented students for exceptional sporting careers through Education and prestigious sports institution in the State, National and Africa at large.


1.       To conduct Grassroots Developmental Programmes that attracts high level of interest and support of students, schools and community

2.       To Administer Conferences with high ideals of integrity and sportsmanship

3.       To provide students athletes with adequate practices and competition facilities as well as supervision.

4.       To provide successful competitive sports opportunities

  • Optimize the synergy of purpose currently between the Commission, MOE and SUBEB through the sustenance and improvement of existing programmes.
  • Regular Interface with relevant officials of the institution
  • Review of participation in IBILE Games to include Primary Schools
  • Prompt and seamless budget approvals/Release of funds.
  • Availability of training facilities and equipment etc
  • Regular and coordinated meeting among all relevant groups in the determination and implementation of our programmes. This will secure the commitment of all whilst keeping every unit fully informed.
  • Provision/Maintenance of basic sports facilities in Schools and major LGAs/LCDAs for the twin purpose of recreation and competition.
  • Recall importance of Playground and talent discovery in schools.
  • Youth and energy dispensation
  • Advantages of proximate playground
  • The inappropriateness and discomfort of travelling to training grounds
  • Creation of database of discovered athletes: their location, age, training needs, term benefits of the state and indeed the country.
  • Identify training facilities in the areas
  • Coaching support
  • Involvement of the ICT unit
  • Scholarships for indigent students.
  • Recruitment and deployment of Coaches/Officers to specific facilities in key local Governments for effective supervision and training at the grassroots.
  • Capacity Building and Man power development
  • National School Sports Federation plays a major role in the planning, organization and standardization of rules in all School Sports Programmes. Located in the Federal Ministry of Education, the Federation’s current style of non-sharing of information with Lagos State, especially on its programmes needs a review. It must be noted that whereas School Sports is domiciled in the Sports Commission in Lagos, the same institution is in the MOE in all others.



i.        Planning, Execution and Implementation of School Sports Programmes, events and activities

iii.      Interfacing with the Nigeria School Sports Federation, MDAs, Sponsors and Stakeholders concerned with the School Sports Programmes, events and activities

iv.      Compiling and analyzing progress reports of the various programmes, events and activities of the Department

v.       Generating proposals, memos and submissions on various subject matters


i.        Assisting in the administering of School Sports Competitions for Secondary Schools across the School Districts.


Mr. Mobee Nunayon Kayode, a Chief Sports Officer is the Head of School Sports Directorate. He was born on 9th November, 1969 and obtained his BSc degree from the Lagos State University, Ojo in Physical and Health Education.

He had  a Diploma in Coaching/Training and Diploma in Physical and Health Education at the National Institute of Sports, Lagos in 2001. He also had obtained an Advanced Diploma in Management of Olympic Sports Organization (IOC).

He had professional courses in the following Sports:

  • Gymnastics
  • Boxing
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Karate
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Volleyball

He joined the Service on 25th November, 2001 and he is happily married with kids.